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Online Factoring Application
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Is your business seasonal?

Do you face a new start-up each spring?

Are you a sub-contractor, or a general contractor who is not bonded?

Why our construction funding program separates us from other factoring companies. We understand construction. I was a Civil Engineer for 12 years before I got into factoring.

  •  We do progress billings.
  •  We let you fund partials of invoices. (ie) if you have 1 OOk invoice and only need 25k that is all you have to fund.
  •  We let you age invoices. If you know you are going to be paid in 35 days hold onto the invoice for one week to keep invoice at 30 day money.
  •  We let you break labor only out of the invoice should your material suppliers have you on terms, pay when paid, or two party checks by GC.
  •  Vendor Assurance Letters. We supply a letter to your vendor guaranteeing payment to them when your invoice is submitted and approved. This usually works out that the vendor gets paid in 30 days. They do not have to wait another 30-60 days to wait to get paid when you get paid.
  •  Material purchases. Case by case basis. We may be able to purchase materials upfront before you are at invoice stage.
  • We mentor our clients, arbitrate disputes, and attend job meetings.

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