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Janitorial Factoring

Janitorial Factoring Services

Janitorial service companies are involved in a labor intensive and highly competitive industry. Keeping your company running requires cash for weekly payroll obligations and other operating expenses. Cash flow shortages are usually not a problem for large companies with unlimited cash reserves but small and medium-sized companies can suffer under the strain of cash shortages.

Powers Funding Group can help with cash flow shortages.

Companies engaged in janitorial and maintenance services know how essential adequate and reliable cash flow is to the success of their businesses. Monthly invoices that are sent to customers who are slow to pay can cripple your business by draining cash reserves.

 Janitorial factoring from Powers Funding Group will give your company the cash you can use to meet challenges to your company's competitive advantage, including:

  • Paying payroll and operating expenses
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Maintaining equipment and vehicles
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Taking advantage of growth opportunities

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